Art & Fashion: Fusing the Two With Tattoos?

By Chase Bailey

Today it seems that pushing the limits is the new normal. In a society where everybody craves to be an individual, finding a way to set yourself apart from the crowd can be hard. What is definitely an art form, and has fused itself into the fashion world as well, tattoos can make a person step out in front of the lineup.

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Tattoos, what every artist has and what almost every grandmother condemns, have come a long way in today’s society. Like piercings, they’re not a new thing. But, in today’s more contemporary world, they’re a way of displaying part of your personality – a way of surfacing your inner self. And I would argue they’re not a trend that every hipster adopts and exhausts. Sure, a hell of a lot of people have a tattoo of a rose on their shoulder, but each one was done by a different artist, so each one is unique in their own way.


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Whether it’s your grandpa’s last dying words written in his own handwriting or a rainbow dolphin on your left ass cheek, your tattoo definitely makes a statement – which is what everyone in the fashion industry wants to do, right?

On runways and in magazine spreads today, we see models with no tattoos, some with one here and there, and some with tattoos everywhere. They can add to the aura the stylist is – or you are! – trying to give off. What better way to make yourself known than to make your literal body a work of art? A word of advice, though, make sure you go to a good artist and make sure whatever you’re getting is spelled right. A tattoo is already going to be a conversation starter, don’t let the conversation be surrounded around how you monumentally F’d up.

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Getting a tattoo is scary, exhilarating, and satisfying all at the same time. This is by no means a call for you to run out and get the first thing you can think of permanently inked on your skin, but if you’ve been thinking about getting one for some time now just think, one day you’re body’s gonna be decomposed in the ground anyway.

Melding together your personality and your style can be tricky. Out of personal opinion, I think my tattoo adds a little puff to my chest when I’m walking out the door, making me feel even more kick-ass in a sick outfit. Your mom will get over it, trust me.

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