Chuck it UP

By Vivian Drury

Since 1917, Converse have dominated the shoe world. Worn by Chuck Taylor in the 20’s, The T-birds in the 50’s, and dozens of celebrities today, Converse have left a true imprint on fashion history. Their ease and classic style is one that will never fade away.

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One of the best things about Converse is that they are gender neutral. High tops add a trendy yet vintage vibe to any outfit and low tops carry a comfortable sense of ease. Either way, both styles are a great fit for men and women. Pairing converse with a loose jean and plain t-shirt is classic outfit for any busy, but casual day.

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Converse can also be dressed up. For women, pairing them with a dress makes the outfit more fun and carry that ready-to-wear vibe. Push your style limits with Converse! Their simplicity makes them perfect to experiment with, so mix it up! Don’t be afraid to be bold and daring.

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Converse are a strong trend that have held their own throughout history. Whether you’re rocking the traditional pair or the new II’s, any outfit with a pair of Chuck’s is a winner!

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