How to Survive Ohio’s Screwed UP Weather

By Hannah Wegman

I don’t know about you guys, but I seriously hate Ohio weather (even though I have lived here all my life). In the morning before my first class, it’s cold enough for my big puffy North Face jacket, but by the time noon comes around, it’s fifty degrees outside! How on Earth does anyone prepare an outfit to withstand the changes in temperature?

Well, here are a few tips to help you dress for success.

First tip, WEAR LAYERS. Some simple, yet effective combinations would be a comfy shirt and a cardigan, a sheer top and a blazer, or a button down and a vest.  This will not only give you a cute look, but you will also be able to adjust your outfit to the temperature outside.

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Another good way of outsmarting the weather is to pack an extra layer in your backpack, even if it’s as simple as a light cardigan or an extra long sleeve shirt. Then you’ll always be prepared for whatever Mother Nature hits you with.

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This will help make these shitty weeks of weather a little more tolerable.  I believe that we will all be able to make it through. Only three more weeks until spring break! We can do it.



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