Overalls: Bringing Back an Old Classic

By: Hannah Wegman

I don’t know about you, but when I was younger, all I ever wore was overalls.  As a 90’s kid, this was an extremely reliable (and predictable) fashion trend. Now being 2016, were kickin’ it old school and going back to what we know: 90s’ fashion.

What makes the overall worthy of a comeback? Simple: it’s effortless.

The overall isn’t for the office nor is it for fancy parties. It’s for those times when you’re on the go, lounging around, or even heading uptown to get coffee.  It is the perfect simplistic grunge outfit.

Up Fashion Magazine: Fall 2015

Now the question is what do you pair with overalls.  There are many different ways you can take your overalls: classy, sassy, or lazy.

For those looking to be classy, you can pair them with a nice pair of high heels and statement necklace.  To be sassy, switch it up with a crop top and your shades. Finally, by pairing a half button overall with a t-shirt and some sneakers, you are showing your relaxing lazy side.

Up Fashion Magazine: Fall 2015

How can you make this style yours? Check out stores like TopShop and H&M to find your perfect pair or overalls.

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