Quay Australia Steps UP Eyewear

By: Maddie Wood

Sunnies, shades, spectacles. Whatever you choose to call them, sunglasses have been used as a tool for both protection and disguise since Sam Foster first mass-marketed them in 1929. Although iconic brands like Ray-Ban, Foster Grant, Prada and Gucci have made certain shapes and styles wildly popular, new brands have burst onto the scene. Celebrities have long been fans of pricey pieces, but recently they’re ditching designer for discount.

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Courtesy of quayaustralia.com

Cue ultra-cool Australian sunglass brand, Quay.

According to their website, Quay was launched on the festival circuit by husband and wife Linda and Allen Hammond in 2004. Quay went international in 2009 and today is carried by over 2,000 retailers, including Urban Outfitters and Asos.

Style icons like Gwen Stefani, Lauren Conrad, Shay Mitchell, Beyonce, Gigi Hadid, Vanessa Hudgens and Kylie Jenner have all been seen sporting these unique shades. Shay Mitchell even has her own collaboration with the bold brand, Quay x Shay Mitchell.

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Courtesy of quayaustralia.com
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Quay offers frames in virtually every shape and size, from classic cat eye to edgy wire-rimmed. In addition to their wacky structure, lenses come in a variety of colors and metallics.

Not to mention, these glasses certainly don’t break the bank. Women’s and men’s styles typically retail around $50-$55.

Most styles are sold in at least 2 or 3 different color combinations including metallic and matte finishes, so there’s a little something for everyone.

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Courtesy of quayaustralia.com

Quay also has a strong social media presence, which has led to their increasing popularity. Their website encourages celebrities and other customers to post pictures in their sunglasses and tag their accounts to promote the brand.

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Courtesy of quayaustralia.com

Quay’s Instagram has over 600,000 followers and frequently features celeb and customer selfies.

With spring break and summer right around the corner, I know I’ll be reaching for my favorite pair of Quays.

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