By: Tori Levy

A new breakout sensation, Michael Joseph Nelson, known as BANNERS, brings a soulful twist to the alternative style of music with his hit singles “Shine a Light,” “Start a Riot,” and “Half Light.”

Originally from Liverpool, London, BANNERS already made a name for himself there with his first single, which was released in the middle of 2015, following his first EP a few months later in January. Each of his songs is set to a great beat with meaningful lyrics that have you putting it on repeat until it’s overplayed. Much different than music-listeners are used to, the songs don’t have a dub-step beat or rap in between. They have a slow, steady rhythm all the way through. It’s what makes his music different and unique from anything else on iTunes right now.

His music has been played on shows such as The Royals and Teen Wolf, and has just begun to grab everyones attention. An album will be on it’s way next, and I can’t wait to hear what he has in store.

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