Suit UP for Spring Break

By Hannah Wegman

With spring break just around the corner, it’s time for everyone to start shopping for their last minute bathing suits! While last year’s big hit was triangle bathing suits, this year we’re looking at a more intricate range of bathing suits.

Instead of having a simple bathing suit, try showing a little more skin with a strappy suit! Target has a great selection of affordable, but adorable bathing suits. An important part of shopping for bathing suits for spring break is to make sure they’re comfortable and cover well. Being near the ocean can cause a multitude of malfunctions with any bathing suit, so it’s important to have a suit that fits and stays up. These bathing suits offer great support and coverage for spending all day on the beach.

BATHING @.jpeg
Courtesy of Target

Unique bathing suits are also in style this year. Try to look for bathing suits that have an interesting style to them; don’t go for the usual halter style. You really want to try to find something that shows a little personality. Don’t be afraid to stray from the norm!

Courtesy of Victoria Secret

Wherever you go for spring break, have a great time, but remember to drink plenty of water and stay safe!

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