Festival Season Is UPon Us

By Tori Levy

Lollapalooza, Coachella, and Bonnaroo’s lineup finally came out, so finding the perfect outfit mixed between bohemian and retro starts now. Since most of us aren’t paying the $1,000 VIP ticket to sit in a secluded area near the stage, we deal with the hundreds of people trying to push their way to the front trying to get a peak of their favorite band, so comfort is always a main priority when picking out an outfit. Sneakers, t-shirt dresses, skirts, and crop tops are always winners when it comes to music festivals

Stripes 5.jpg

A t-shirt dress paired with a flannel or jean jacket and converse is easy to find at a low cost for an outfit for someone who loves to dance. It will allow you to twirl around and stay on your feet for hours.

thumb_File_004 (2)_1024.jpg

A cool crop top paired with jean shorts and camo boots is perfect for anyone who loves to sit on someone’s shoulders or crowd surf during their favorite song. A hat finishes the look and gives you some shade during the blistering, sunny day.

UP Hair

For people who like to eat food and sip drinks on the sideline, a long camino paired with a statement skirt and t-shirt is ideal. It’s chic, and you can dress it up more, knowing you won’t ruin it in the crowd.

Dressing up for festivals is fun, and don’t forget to enjoy yourself! You’re only young once.

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