Rectify Your Style With a Piercing

By: Chase Bailey

A few weeks ago I talked about personalizing your style with tattoos. I thought I’d write about piercings this week to continue the theme of body art.

Piercings are a sick way to add flare to your aesthetic, and almost anything can be pierced – which sounds pretty scary in truth. If you’re looking for something less permanent than a tattoo, a piercing can more or less be easily removed if you decide it’s not for you.

Here are a few different piercings to consider getting if you wanna feel rad about yourself.


  • Nose (Nostril): It’s subtle enough to be cool without being super out-there. Consider a nostril piercing studded with your favorite stone like emerald or amethyst. Healing time: 3 months.
  • Industrial: In the most common place – the ear – but edgy enough to elicit a response. There are some really cute bars out there, like one shaped like an arrow. Healing time: 9-12 months.
  • Nose (Septum): Edgier than the nostril, this piercing can help you really pull together a going-out look. It can also be pretty easily hidden by flipping it up if you want to hide it from your grandma, if your boss is still one of those losers that think piercings and tattoos are unprofessional, or if your boss is your grandma. Healing time: 3 months.
  • Nipple: One of the more unconservative of piercings, nipple piercings are surprisingly common – among men and women. I’ve yet to not be met with excited frenzy in the bedroom when he sees the bar through my titty (TMI but you get the point). This is a piercing for you if you’re a freak in the sheets and like things to be… sensitive. Healing time: 9-12 months.

*Healing time really depends on how well you take care of and clean your piercing. Pay attention to what your piercer tells you to do to keep your piercing clean and healthy.

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