Starbucks: Do you really know how healthy your Coffee Drinks Are?

By Hannah Wegman

Now if you are like most people on this campus, you have been to the new Starbucks multiple times within the past two weeks.  I, however, go there about 3 times a day. This can add up on the calories if you like very sugary coffee or frappachinos. So what drinks can you get that have some nutritional value to them?

Healthy Drinks (other than just plain brewed coffee):

1. Iced Coffee.  Starbucks Iced Coffee is basically regular brewed coffee but iced. The only other difference is that it comes sweetened with their Classic Syrup. So a ice coffee is only about 20-80 calories, therefore it is your best option.  If you’re one to get vanilla or caramel syrup added to your ice coffee, you are adding another 20-80 calories on top of that (not to mention all the sugar).  If you like to get milk in your Ice coffee, your best bet is to add coconut milk or nonfat milk.  These will add the least amount of calories and most nutritional value to your coffee.

2. Cafe Americano. These drinks are extremely healthy for you because they are just expresso and water. A venti Americano only has about 25 calories in it.  However, these drinks are very bitter, so if you can’t drink black coffee, these are not for you.

3. Cafe Latte.  This is your standard latte, no syrups or flavors added in.  With Coconut milk, a grande latte has about 130 calories and if you want to put syrup flavors into it, it will add about another 25-85 calories.


Drinks to avoid:

1. Matcha Green Tea Latte. Naturally Matcha is very healthy for you because all it is is powered green tea leaves, but Starbucks Green Tea Powder has other ingredients such a sugar and flavoring.  This makes this drink a lot less healthier then it leads on.

2. Mocha.  The white mocha and mocha lattes are one of the worst lattes you can order.  Both contain very sugary syrup and are topped with whipped cream. Basically, its a lot of sugar. If you do get these drinks, make sure you get skim milk and skinny mocha syrup, it could save you a lot of calories and cut your sugar intake.

For more information on nutritional value, visit the Starbucks Website.