On Repeat

By Tori Levy

The Young Wild is a band made up of Gareth Moore, Bryan B. William, and Brandon Zedaker. They started in California, and released their first single in August of 2015. “Not A One” grabbed my attention as I was listening to the ALT Nation station while cruising with the windows down over spring break. Their sound is an alternative feel with added pop to reach all audiences. Their popularity is accelerating quickly as they head on their first tour, opening for Atlas Genius this summer. They have a few other songs on iTunes, including “Moment Goes.” Their music is suited for a dance party or a quick run and lifts your spirit, no matter what mood you’re in.

Their EP called “All The Luck” debuts 4/15! Check them out on iTunes for their hit single “Not A One.”

Click to listen to “Not A One”


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