Shake UP your look with all white

By Maddie Wood

As hard as I try to break out from my going out go-to of all black, I usually fail. Something about the simplicity of monochromatic clothing speaks to my inner lazy girl, not to mention it makes putting together an outfit a breeze. Despite my affinity for dark pieces, one of my favorite trends for Spring/Summer 2016 is all white.

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Gone are the days of waiting for Memorial Day to break out your favorite white pants – go ahead and grab them for a night out with friends. Skinny, distressed, and high- waisted styles are made by almost every notable denim brand, offering many options for those who may be wary.

As we all know, college bars aren’t always the cleanest, and nights out aren’t always the most low-key. Worried about staining your gear? Lucky for you, Tide-to-go sticks, bleach, and dry cleaning have all been invented for that exact purpose. Don’t feel like messing with extreme cleaning? Old Navy recently released a white pair of their signature ‘rockstar’ jeans that claim to repel stains. In a test conducted by Cosmopolitan Magazine, red wine and soda both slid right off the slightly waxy ‘stay-white’ jeans, leaving nothing in its wake.

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Contrary to popular belief, white clothing is surprisingly flattering, especially when showing off your post spring break tan. Style a pair of white jeans with a silky white blouse or off the shoulder white top for a sleek, sophisticated take on a monochromatic look. Accessorize with dainty gold jewelry and white or nude platforms to complete the look.

Go ahead and be bold; purchase some white pieces and look angelic for your next night out.

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