Workin’ Your Way into Fall

By Vivian Drury

Although bikini season is almost over, don’t let that summer body slip away with the change of the season! This fall, there are all sorts of new ways to keep you lean and toned that are way more fun than just sweating on the treadmill or elliptical. To keep your motivation as reliable as your favorite sweater this fall, remember that being healthy and working out doesn’t have to be a chore. Being physically active gives you a chance to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and try something new. Living a healthy lifestyle helps relieve stress and improves your overall health, and your body will thank you for it!

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Boxing and Kick Boxing:

Before you scroll past this one, take the image of Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali out of your head. Better? Boxing is not only a great exercise on your body physically, but your mind, as well. Hitting a bag with some killer boxing gloves on or just kicking a few times to the strong beat of a music helps you relieve stress and allows your body to recalibrate and calm down.

This summer, I started taking boxing classes for fun. I wasn’t hitting anyone and no one was hitting me, but being able to jab, elbow, and kick a bag or my trainer’s hands for an hour was pretty liberating. I was also shocked by how much stronger my legs and abdominals were after only two classes. Start by learning the basics, like the types of punches and how to hit the bag properly. YouTube or the hot trainers at the gym will be able to help you too! Most of all, just have fun with it and get your anger out. There’s nothing wrong with pretending the bag is your messy roommate or demanding boss!

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(Plus you can get an awesome, color-coordinating boxing outfit!)

Check out some great basic YouTube intros to boxing here, here, and here!

Zumba and Dance Jam:

Zumba and Dance Jam are workout programs that focus on using a variety of dance styles and repetitive movements to work large muscle groups and have a continuous cardio effect. One of my favorite things about dance workout classes is that you’re so busy jamming to the music that you don’t even realize how many calories burning in the process! Some classes will have specific styles, such as classes focused more on latin or hip hop dance. Don’t be afraid of these kinds of group classes. Even if your dance experience isn’t  beyond weddings or bar tops, don’t worry! Just go, have fun, and keep up as best as you can. What’s important is to remember that you’re there to have fun and do something good for your body and your mind!

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CrossFit is a great challenge if you’re looking for something to really boost your workout! CrossFit focuses on an intense combination of cardio and strength training. It uses many different workout methods, like suspension training and weight training, which means targeting many large muscle groups at one time using a variety of weights. CrossFit is the main focus of many gyms and is an amazing workout. However, CrossFit is not recommended for beginners. It can be a very strenuous workout and is meant to challenge those who workout on a frequent basis.

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Learn more about CrossFit here.

Other types of new popular workouts are Pure Barre, which focuses on toning your lower body through ballet and dance techniques, as well as aerial silk studios that target large muscle groups using suspended silks. Both Pure Barre and silk classes can be found at specified studios. Find your nearest studio and contact them for more information on their classes!

Overall, working out should be a time dedicated for you to be good to you. Don’t get me wrong, a slice of pizza or pint of Ben & Jerry’s is a good way for you to be good to yourself too, but your body needs fuel and strength to keep you running around everyday. Any work out that involves a little sweat, your favorite playlist, and relieving your stress is a good one! Just remember to eat clean and drink plenty of water in the process, and to be sure to go buy yourself some cute fall clothes to rock to reward your hard work!

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