Bombarding Into Fall

By: Tori Levy

As Fall approaches, the pigments in the leaves begin to change, the muggy air dissipates becoming brisk, and the next fashion trend arrives.  Chokers, denim, and vans have made a comeback and can be seen at every corner. We have reentered the 90’s with a few minor changes including a phone without an antenna and Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston no longer married. Otherwise, a Clinton is running for president, everyone is playing Pokemon, and bomber jackets are back.

An all-year around jacket, Bombers compact warmth for the winter and light on a chilly summer night. Now found at almost every story, the prices will vary, but you’re bound to find a jacket to your liking. They’re easy to put on when you’re in a hurry to class or night uptown for dinner. They are edgy, conventional, and can be patched or embroidered with a design to your taste.


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Found at Thriftstore