5 Ways To Beat The Heat On Campus

By Chase Bailey

Ahhh, there’s nothing better than being back on campus after a summer of household rules and being surrounded by your family 24/7 (love ya mom!). One downside to not being able to drive everywhere, with the great gift of a controlled thermostat, is the dreaded heat you have to face while you walk on campus. Whether you’re a seasoned senior or a newly arrived freshman, everyone shows up to class a little breathless, pushing sweat beads off their hairline the first five minutes of class. So here’s a little list of things I came up with that might help you beat the heat on campus these next couple months:

  1. Hydrate

Drinking water is vital regardless of the weather, but making sure you’re hydrated will help replace all the fluids you’re losing through sweat. Better yet, sipping cold water as I make my way to class seems to help keep me from sweating myself into a puddle.

  1. Leave earlier

Seeing as I always seem to be late to everything, this one is hard for me; but if you can manage to drag yourself out of bed even five minutes earlier, giving yourself more time to get to class will keep you from having to rush across campus to make it to class. No hightailing it across campus = normal breathing and dry underarms.

  1. Walk slower

Even though this one seems like an oxymoron (why would I want to stay out in the heat even longer?) this one really does help. My long legs naturally make me a fast walker, but taking the time to reduce my pace helps keep my body temperature from rising to the point where it seems like I’m exercising. The same thing goes for that class you have on the third floor: take the stairs easy, kiddo. Sweat marks aren’t the most flattering as you walk into class.

  1. Cut through buildings

If you can, try to cut through buildings on your way to class (or whatever your destination). I live in Bishop, but a lot of my classes are in Bachelor so it helps to beat the heat by cutting through Armstrong so I can enjoy a few seconds of air conditioning in order to cool off a tad.

  1. Check your outfit

It seems my closet is only equipped for cold weather. I like to dress more modestly so the only things on my hangers are long sleeves and old soccer shirts. Not to mention I only brought one real pair of shorts with me. What’s the fix? Pair thinner-fabric long sleeves with shorts or opt for cuffing your jeans to let a little air tickle your ankles. Wear underwear that breathes. Make sure you’re wearing a moisturizer (with an SPF please!) that doesn’t feel heavy on your skin.

Or, ya’ know, just Uber from class to class.

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