Bare What You’re Born With

By Vivian Drury

Although the 100 layers of makeup videos are trending on YouTube, this fall is really about displaying your natural beauty and embracing every feature that has been with you since day one. Fashion is pushing away from skinny brows, thick foundation, and bold eyeshadow and moving toward flaunting our fresh faces. This trend is great in several ways because, 1) it allows us to spend more time sleeping in the morning and less time applying makeup (Amen to that), and 2) It encourages us to be proud of the skin we’re in. However, this trend can also trigger some insecurities. Thick makeup has always been a way to hide our imperfections, like freckles, and waxing has allowed us to slim down bushy brows.

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However, this trend isn’t advising us to abandon all makeup and just go naked, but use it in a more natural and fresh way. This way, you can still hide that blemish or two, but still feel radiant and free in your own skin.

If you’re used to using thick foundation…

Go for a lighter powder, BB or CC cream, or bronzer. Switching to a more delicate base will allow you to highlight your natural skin, but also hide the little discoloration or pimple that just won’t go away. Using a thinner base will also allow other features of your face to shine, such as your eyes and the natural color in your face. Also, many BB and CC creams have different color, so you can get the perfect tone for your skin with the light feel. They also have SPF in them so they’re perfect for vacation and sunny days!

Highly Rated BB Creams of 2016:

Diorskin Nude BB Creme

Burt’s BB Cream

Bobbi Brown BB Cream

Highly Rated Bronzers of 2016:

Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder

Estee Luder Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer

Highly Rated Powders of 2016:

NARSA Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder

Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Foundation Powder

Along with displaying our natural beauty, thick brows are back in. With makeup now on the understated side, bold brows make a statement on a neutral toned-face. One of the biggest pros of this trend is that you can spend less time and money on waxing and tweezing.

Courtesy of Anastasia Beverly Hills


Courtesy of Style Caster

This season is all about keeping it real. From natural skin and hair to oversized sweaters, the trends are focused on being comfortable being you.  Have fun with it and feel free to experiment with your natural beauty! Here’s to a season of baring what we’re born with.

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