Getting Over Summer

By Vivian Drury

In fashion, one of the most difficult aspects to master is the balance between classy and sexy. It’s often hard to find one outfit that can accomplish both a nice lunch with mom and then a night out with friends. It’s even more difficult to find an outfit that can easily transition from summer to fall, managing to keep you a little warm while showing some skin.

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Courtesy of Mary Orton

What makes off the shoulder shirts so popular this fall is their versatility and ability to transition easily between seasons. They can be paired with mini skirts, culottes, or any denim. The neckline and hanging sleeves also make women appear taller and have a longer torso, making it a very flattering piece to keep in your closet.

Courtesy of Lindsay Marcella

Along with their versatility, off the shoulder tops also come in so many fun prints and colors. This gives you the opportunity to really experiment and pair it with other patterns to stand out. Feel free to toss out the old book of fashion rules where white and other colors are excluded from the fall palette. Wear what you feel best in regardless of the color or print!

Courtesy of Amma Mama
Courtesy of Chic Wish

My favorite pant to pair an off the shoulder top with is the culotte. Culottes are a very classy, yet still fun pant. I love having having my shoulders showing, but then being covered until the calf. This outfit will keep you warm and stylish as we transition our wardrobes from summer to fall.

Courtesy of Fashion Jackson


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