Hello, High Waisted

By Vivian Drury

We all have those days where denim just won’t do. All we want is to curl up in some cozy leggings or sweatpants and not worry about being uncomfortable in jeans all day. A high waisted tie trouser will bring you all the comfort and ease you crave, along with the stylish touch you need.

Courtesy of StyleCaster

These pants are perfect for fall because their light feel makes them very transitional. They also go from the office to downtown date night in no time.

When it comes to pairing them with the right top, it depends on what look you’re shooting for. If you want a more relaxed look, pair the pants with a loose sweater or flowing top. This is a perfect daytime look for fall. A button down would also look great with these pants because it’s still relaxed, yet adds a sense of class to the look. Play around with different sweaters and textures to find what works for you!

Courtesy of Simply Hued

For more of a nighttime look, pair the pants with a fitted or cropped top. The hugging top contracts the looseness of the pants and makes the look sexy without being forced. Body suits would also work well for these pants because they are flat and easy to tuck in, giving you that smooth, fun look.

Courtesy of Billy J Boutique

When it comes to shoes, these pants go with almost anything. One of my personal favorite trends is pairing these pants with some Adidas. This is a very casual, but also a very ready to wear outfit. Booties and pumps are also a popular choice for these pants. Try to stay away from tall boots. The height of the boots will contrast the looseness of the pants, making you look shorter.

Courtesy of Be Daze Live

However you pair them, these pants are comfortable, cute way to head into fall!