Style It UP with a Belt

By Tori Levy

We change our appearance for the weather, whether that means dying our hair a lighter color for summer or exchanging a light jacket to a winter coat for snowfall. We are never in the same clothes all year (except for you, west coast and Florida) and if we were, we would either be boiling hot or shivering from hypothermia. However, there’s one thing that doesn’t change: accessories. And with that, belts. We never have to stuff them in the back of the closest and wait at the edge of our seat for our favorite season to return.

Not only do belts serve the purpose of not letting you live out that terrible dream where everyone sees you in your underwear, but they add a uniqueness to your style. There are so many different types of  colors and styles, and as trends change, belts don’t. Even as decade fashion changes from disco to denim on denim, belts can pair with it all.

Courtesy of the Native Fox
Courtesy of the Native Fox