Viva La Velvet

By Megan Ashdown

Our favorite ’90s trend is back! That’s right…I’m talking about velvet. Only this time, the soft, luxe material is everywhere…and everything. Velvet dominated the Fall 2016 runways from Balmain to Valentino, and now we can’t get enough of it. Slip dresses, jumpsuits, handbags, mini skirts, blazers…heck, I’ve even seen velvet shoes! The point is, you really can’t go wrong.

That is, unless you settle for plain ol’ black. Some of my favorite velvet pieces are bold colors like mustard and maroon. All you color enthusiasts out there could even try pairing two bright pieces together.

Courtesy of @somethingnavy
Courtesy of @lornaluxe
Courtesy of @victoriagenevievestyling

If you really want to stand out, incorporate an embroidered dress or jacket into your wardrobe. A funky print is just the thing to take velvet to the next level!


The best part about the cozy fabric is that it’s perfect for cold weather. This doesn’t mean your only option is to throw on a velvet jacket either. Play with layers! Adding a plain turtleneck or leather jacket will do wonders.

Since the textile is so versatile, I’m predicting the velvet trend is here to stay for awhile…or at least until temps start to pick back up in the spring.

Courtesy of @madlystyled


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