Peace Out Summer

By Nellie Given 

Fall is here and it’s far out! As you’re walking to your classes with pumpkin spice and a chill in the air, you may have noticed a new resurgence dancing its way through Miami. The 1970s are back baby and we are loving it! Suede A-line skirts, bellbottom sleeves, big flannel scarves, chunky booties, round sunglasses, and natural colors are funky and right on! These pieces are so timeless and fresh that you’ll be dying to go home and raid your parents’ closets during fall break.

Courtesy of Madewell

The incoming colors (mustards, golds, burgundies) match perfectly with the changing leaves. They are also great for warming up skin tones and giving off an overall groovy vibe. Pair the skirt and booties with some warm, dark leggings, throw on a oversized scarf with a flowy shirt and you are ready to tackle the crazy weather for the day. The best thing about this outfit is the scarf. It is so cozy to wrap up in during the morning commute to buildings across campus and fashionable to tie around a bag or waist when the sun decides to peak down at Miami and warm us up.

Courtesy of Madewell

To really top off this dreamy knew vibe, add the perfect shade of lipstick and a Starbucks coffee. Any plum or vampy shade for lips will make this outfit scream fall. Get used to looking like a walking pumpkin spiced latte (and hopefully smelling like one too)! Grab your sunnies and your fringe and get ready to dance in the street because fall is here!

Courtesy of Madewell