Savory Pumpkin Guide

By Allie Palm

Ahh, it’s finally that magical time of year where the weather cools down, the leaves start to change, and it’s acceptable at all means to overly obsess with anything pumpkin. I don’t know about you guys, but I am one of those people that at all times during the months of October and November eat or drink an excessive amount of pumpkin flavored goodness.

I can be seen walking to and from class with my Starbucks venti pumpkin spice latte, which is every basic girl’s religious fall item of choice, but will also be Pinterest-ing my favorite pumpkin recipes. Personally, I love all things savory, so I tend to lean towards pie or cupcake pumpkin recipes. It’s so hard to resist, but after much research, including trial and testing, I have 3 go-to recipes that I use to indulge my pumpkin sweet tooth. Here are my favs:

  1. Who wouldn’t love a homemade pop tart? Also an FYI, I highly recommend because of it’s easy and straight forward recipes!
  2. Two fall favs: Candy corn and pumpkin!
  3. Homemade cheesecake that’s going to be better than any cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory – seriously! Another FYI, homemade is always best because you can control what you put into any recipe and watch what goes into your body.
Photo by Cupcake KITSCHen


Stay tuned for next week where I will share my favorite pumpkin alcoholic drinks 😉

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