Here’s a Song for Every Day of the Week

By Chase Bailey


This song is perfect for a Monday, when class just doesn’t feel like the move but pissing off your parents for flunking out also doesn’t feel like the move.


Because Niall Horan looks like he’s 12 but you know you’d probably still rustle the sheets with him.


Wednesday is the day when you realize you haven’t showered in two days and your friend asks you if you’re sweaty but really your skin is oily enough to deep-fry chicken fingers with. Give this song a listen to convince yourself you’re not a human disaster.


For when you see your ex walking through campus and you wanna think about him but not in a sad, disgusting way. This song is also GAY.


Because Friday’s are for being done with class and getting some sugar (SEX).


The line “I’ve got stamina” is said in this song about 80 million times so it’s perfect for when you’ve got day plans but gotta rally for going out at night.


This song is pretty chill and slow with a really awesome choir backing up the vocals. It’s also a song about questioning the existence of God so it’s perfect for the Lord’s day, yeah?

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