Woke The F*ck Up

By Tyler Aberle

If you haven’t heard of Jon Bellion until now, it’s fine, we will move past that, but now you have so there will be no excuse from here on out. Whether you are running, studying, or getting ready for the night on the town, I come with tunes fit for the occasion.

Courtesy of Genius.com

Jon has been on the music scene for a hot second now, but he is finally, rightfully so, taking the ride to the top. He started back in 2011 with his Scattered Thoughts Vol 1. mixtape. He then went on to write lyrics for artists like Eminem, then he released his final free mixtape, The Definition. This is where Jon really found his sound and caught the eyes of fans enough to go on a tour. His most recent album, The Human Condition, is one for the books and has soared to the top of many peoples’, including mine, favorite albums of the year. Enough with information on his career. I will leave you guys to Google the rest of that.

Bellion carries a genre that not many can categorize. It is completely original. Some say contemporary pop. Some say Indie Rock. He even breaks down some Hip-Hop if he feels like digging into his Manhattan roots. His music and sound, being as unique as they are, coax the listeners to relate to the message and narrative he is telling. Whether that narrative is about reminiscing on the care-free culture we all experience in our high school and college days, fashion identifying who we really are, or even just hooking up with a high school sweetheart years later in the backseat of a car while your best friend drives, Jon keeps things moving with music that can fit the mood in any and every situation.

Long story short, Jon Bellion will hopefully soon become one of the best artists of our generation. As my close friend The Notorious B.I.G. would say: “If ya don’t know, now ya know.” Give Jon a listen here.