Fall Fashion Preview: A Quick Glimpse of Fall Fashion at Miami

By Adzaan M.


Fall is the time of year at Miami when the campus is in its full glory. The scenic red, gold, and orange leaves amongst the red brick buildings creates the standard postcard moments that help form Miami’s image. To accompany the beauty of fall at Miami is the exhibition of fall fashion amongst its students. While the eagerly awaited season has been slowly but surely arriving, the recent break from high temperatures has definitely allowed students to delve into their closets and alter their outfits for the season.

In my outfit, for instance, I layered a summer skater skirt with black leggings. This look changes the versatility of the dress and makes it more appropriate to wear for the cooler months. fullsizerender-13

Anna’s outfit also follows the same idea. She accompanies her leggings with knee high boots and a long denim shirt, making it a great dressy casual look.



Speaking of casual,  we can’t forget to mention flannel when talking about fall fashion! Selena styles hers with the corresponding colors of black, grey, and red throughout  the whole outfit (another bonus for incorporating some Miami colors into her look!).

fullsizerender-8                     fullsizerender-11

It appears that within the first week of October, Miami is off to a great start in displaying fall fashion. Just have fun with it and be creative with experimenting with layers, styles, and trends this season.

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