Women Power Through Fashion

By Tori Levy

Double standards between men and women have always been an issue and will continue to be an issue without further change. Women are slut-shamed if they’re too promiscuous with their clothing choices, while men are high-fived for sleeping with two girls in one day. Women receive harsh criticism if they post a picture of themselves not up to model standards, while men get no backlash if their photo looks far from Zac Efron. No matter how we utilize our body, women should not have to hold themselves to anyone’s standard but their own.

With the election forthcoming, the issue has become prominent in the public eye. From the #HeforShe twitter campaign to “free the nipple,” women are constantly fighting for equality on all levels. Recently, a clever tactic has been used to promote a woman’s body without actually having to take her top off. Brands such as Urban Outfitters and Topshop have been selling shirts with objects replaced as a woman’s nipple. They call them graphic t-shirts. I call them “Tits Tee.”

Courtesy of Song Of Style

Through wearing this t-shirt,  women can express their desires for change without having to exploit their actual nipples. Maybe don’t wear this to your next family dinner, but keep in mind it’s a great everyday shirt that has women power attached to it. This is a fun t-shirt to wear, and women may have no agenda behind wearing it. However, just remember fashion is a renowned social platform for change; we just have to be willing to use it.

Courtesy of A Style Breeze

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