Wrap It UP

By Madelyn Hopkins

Simple necklaces work well with anything and everything. They’ll always be a classic and classy staple; however, fun and funky jewelry never fails to spice up the most basic of outfits. The variety and ways to wrap are endless, and finding new, unique ways to wear one of your favorite necklaces is always fun. Wrapped necklaces are perfect for a night out with the girls, and the styles are limitless.

Vegan Leather Wrap Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Beaded necklaces look adorable when worn normally or wrapped. Below are two examples of how one necklace can transform two completely different looks for any occasion!

Courtesy of Sarah Ludwig
Courtesy of Missy Hoover

Whether it be beaded or suede, choker or long, wrapping a necklace adds a unique flare to your look. Something personal, other than the usual, “Oh hey, I just threw this on because I got it as a gift and it matches.” So go ahead and give it a try; you’ll have everyone wrapped around you ogling at how good you look.

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