Show off Your Body(suit)

By Vivian Drury

When it comes dressing for a night out, the key is to find the perfect balance between being comfortable and having some fun with your wardrobe. I love to wear a bodysuit out because it’s very slimming and sleek, while still being comfortable and tucking perfectly into any pant. Bodysuits also come in many different styles, such as having lace up fronts or open backs, that add some heat to your outfit.

I love this Giovanni Braided Bodysuit from TOBI because the wrapping and high neck on the front really contrasts the openness of the back. This bodysuit can easily be paired with any pair of denim or a skirt. The polyester fabric also dresses up the look a little bit, making it the perfect bodysuit for a night out.

Courtesy of TOBI

Bodysuits come in many different fabrics and styles. Below, Kendall Jenner is crushing a velvet bodysuit with a plunging neckline with cutoff shorts. This is more of casual take on bodysuits, but it shows how they can be worn in many different ways and there are many options when it comes to finding your perfect bodysuit!

Courtesy of Daily Mail

Another very popular style of bodysuits is the laced up front. These bodysuits show off a little bit of center skin, but are great for winter and fall because it does have long sleeves. Many of these bodysuits also have bell-shaped sleeves, giving it more of a vintage, boho vibe.

Courtesy of TOBI

Whatever fabric and style you choose, bodysuits are a great and sexy way to head into fall nights with style!

Happy fall!