Alcoholic Pumpkins

By Allie Palm

Photo by Seth Werkheiser



Fall. Gotta love fall. Gotta love all that fall entails, like; the leaves changing into beautiful colors, the weather cooling down so that the walk to class is finally manageable, and the classic fall food. Fall food, aka PUMPKIN FLAVORED GOODNESS. If you’re anything like me, pumpkin is my #1 go-to in the fall. Whether that be through food or drink, pumpkins are inevitable fall joy.

Alcoholic concoctions are another part of the pumpkin treat bandwagon. A well-made pumpkin flavored drink can basically equal to a dessert (in terms of calories and filling you up) and may fit as the best substitute to indulging in rich pumpkin-y delight.

Although you’re still indulging, here are some recipes to spice up your life with both of my two good friends: alcohol and pumpkin (I fully say this with sarcasm – I promise):

  1. This recipe only requires two ingredients – how easy is that?! Also, I think one will appreciate this recipe page showing nutrition facts. It’s always nice to see what is being put into our bodies!
  2. This recipe brings two fall favorites together: Apple cider and pumpkin. Yum!
  3. This recipe is basically a dessert in the form of a delicious drink. Tip: add whipped cream for more fun and deliciousness.

Enjoy the fall weather and pumpkin drink recipes! As always, drink responsibly 🙂