Stop the Under Boob

By Vivian Drury

I’m all for sexy looks that show a little skin. A low-cut top or open back is harmless for a certain time and place. However, when does a little skin become too much? When and where do we draw the line, or really, the hemline? Showing off the under boob is now becoming a massive trends, and to me, that is over the line.

Courtesy of Sports Illustrated

Yes, this is a bold and edgy trend and fashion is about trying new things and pushing limits. However, there are some parts to the human body that need to be covered more than others. And I’m sorry, but the under boob is one of them. This new type of cleavage is being displayed through very short crop tops, triggered by Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Lady Gaga.

Courtesy of Snapchat

Kendall released this Snapchat a few weeks ago, taking this trend to a new level.

The side boob and frontal cleavage are less aggressive ways to sexing up a look than the under boob. Also, cleavage is designed for a certain place, such as clubs, bars, late-night parties or dinners, while the under boob is being flashed around on the streets in broad daylight with denim and crop tops.

Courtesy of People

Let’s keep it classy, ladies, and let’s face it, the under boob is not classy. There are plenty of other ways to flash a little boob in a more appropriate way and still get attention for it without being over the top.

Courtesy of Elle

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