Switch UP Your Fall Hair Color

By Hannah Blaze

Fall is officially here, which means both the weather and leaves are soon to begin to change. With all of the seasonal changes in the air, it’s the perfect time to change up your hair color, as well! If you are in need of some major hair inspo, I rounded up the top trending hair colors of the season below:

1. Deep Chocolate Brown

Courtesy of @bellahadid via Instagram

Chocolate brown is one of those tones that will always be absolutely stunning. It can have an amazing warmth to it that makes it an ideal color for fall. Going darker during this time of the year is great because it can give your locks a break from the summer sun and bleach, as well as help make your hair appear shinier and healthier! I definitely recommend this color to anyone looking to switch things up.

2. Caramel Babylights

Courtesy of @tauni901 via Instagram

Babylights have become one of the hottest trends recently. They’re basically a much subtler version of highlights that are softer and more delicate. These are great for brunettes who want a bit of dimension but don’t want to lose their overall darkness. Have your stylist give them a caramel tone and you will exude fall vibes.


Courtesy of @ninezeroone via Instagram

Copper locks will always be the epitome of fall hair. And if you’re lucky enough to have naturally bright red hair, please refrain from touching it this season! Do everything you can to embrace it because I can assure you it is #FallGoals. If you don’t have this color but are brave enough to try it, go for it!! It’s a true classic for this time of the year.

4.The Rooty Look

Courtesy of @khloekardashian via Instagram

Are you a broke college student who can’t afford to get your roots done every few weeks and is constantly stuck with regrowth? Good news! Your roots are on trend this season! Countless celebs including Khloe Kardashian, Hailey Baldwin, and Chrissy Teigen have all been spotted rocking this look and I, being the faux blonde that I am, think this trend should definitely stay put.

5. Color Melting

Courtesy of @edgeofmydesire via Instagram

Color melting is a seamless blending of colors that creates a soft transition from darker to lighter hair. This is a beautiful look for all hair colors and is a great way to add in some color variation without making too drastic of a change, or having to commit to dreaded root touch-ups. This is definitely one of my favorite hair trends this season and I would recommend it to all!

Any one of these colors would be sure to complete your fall look—just remember to always leave it up to a professional to transform your locks!!


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