Hamilton takes over SNL

By Tori Levy

Hamilton has eleven Tony Award’s under its belt, won Best Musical Theater Album, and has been hailed by many as one of the best musicals of all time. I have heard all the buzz about the musical Hamilton for a while, but I never took the time to go online and listen to the music. However, after watching Lin-Manuel Miranda (the guy who wrote and produced Hamilton) perform on SNL last Saturday, I realized I’ve been denying my ears a symphony of well orchestrated music. His opening monologue was a rendition to Hamilton’s song “My Shot,” where he rapped, without missing a single beat, about his dream to one day be on SNL.

I had never heard the song “My Shot” before I watched SNL, but by Sunday morning I had listened to the song almost a hundred times. What I soon discovered is “My Shot” is just one out of forty six songs on the soundtrack. I understand that everyone is not into musicals and has their own personal preference of genre. But Hamilton combines rap, pop, hip-hop, and musicality to make the sweet soundtrack that leaves you savoring each song and wanting more.

I’ve never seen the musical, and probably won’t have the chance to see for a while (if at all) unless it magically pops up at Brick Street. However, you can download it free on Apple Music and enjoy Lin-Manuel Miranda’s voice as well as the rest of the cast in the meantime.

Here is the song “My Shot” as well as the SNL rendition:

Listen to “My Shot”here
Listen to the SNL rendition here