Why Is This Still A Thing?

By Tyler Aberle

By talking about these things, I’m being counter productive, and for that, I apologize. There have just been some things in the roller coaster-of-a-year that 2016 has been that have stuck for just a little too long. I’m not here to be too cool for school because I was probably a part of the madness in it’s prime. I am here, however, to call out those things that should just fade into the distant pages of our nostalgic, yet sometimes embarrassing, scrap book that we call Instagram.

First things first, Harambe is dead and not coming back. However unmistakably great of a lowland gorilla he was, he will never return to become president. For the number of beers that have been “poured out for Harambe,” we should really just start feeling sorry for the wasted, and expensive, goodness drained onto the ground. A legend doesn’t need to be talked about, so let’s let the legacy speak for itself because Harambe can’t.

Next up, this one is still relatively new, but let’s kill it quick with Halloween around the corner. These crazy ass clown sightings have become a little too much, and most of the time, especially on college campuses, they are just people trying to get attention. Now, did I add to the hysteria by searching the campus of Miami wildly clown hunting with some buddies? Yeah. Maybe. But with Halloween approaching, not to mention the legitimate attacks in recent weeks, let’s leave the clowning around to the professionals.

This last one may be a little touchy for the Snapchat lovers of the world, but let’s move past the infatuation with the dog filter that give you the ears, nose, sloppy tongue of a dog, and somehow perfect complexion. It was cute for a little bit, but I think there should be a line drawn when the only story you post is you switching between the dog and flower headband filter.

So guys, as 2017 approaches lets try to leave these things in the past. That’s all for now, happy trails.

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