Off the Shoulder and Hit the Town

By Madelyn Hopkins

During autumn, weather is moody and unpredictable. Finding a stylish outfit to wear to a tailgate or party gets much harder as it becomes colder outside. Sometimes a jacket is just too heavy, but you’ll be shivering all night if you go bare arms. The off the shoulder top was made for times like these.

Covering just the right amount of skin, off the shoulder tops are breezy, yet keep you warm. They work well with every season and add a touch of elegance. Long sleeve tops keep you warm in fall and winter, without overheating you like a wool sweater would. However, they’re flowy enough to keep you cooler in the warm months.

Courtesy of J.O.A.

Short sleeve tops are a fun wear with ripped jeans or a skirt in warmer weather. With your shoulders bare, you won’t be sweating all night on the dance floor. They also pair well with a light jacket for when the temperature falls. Overall, these tops are as versatile as it gets and a great piece to have in your closet for any occasion.

Courtesy of Raleigh O’Brien

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