The Thrifting Scene

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It’s no secret that geographically, Miami University’s campus is relatively secluded, which can have its advantages and disadvantages. However, to an avid clothes shopper, the world may seem rather bleak as both of the major shopping venues of Tri County Mall and Kenwood Towne Center are at least forty minutes away. Amongst the options are a few boutique shops in Uptown, a local TJMaxx, or shopping online. However, a new option has emerged as a Goodwill was recently built in Oxford on South Locust Street in May of 2016, giving Miami students newfound accessibility to thrifting.

Thrifting has definitely become something more people have become comfortable with over the years. I remember when the song “Thrift Shop” came out my freshman year of high school. As overplayed as it was, I noticed many people starting to take pride in their secondhand finds. Fashion influencers on blogs and YouTube have even built whole brands around “thrift shop hauls.” I’ll admit, I’m certainly no stranger to thrifting as some of the pieces I’ve been wearing around campus are indeed, thrifted.

collage pink jacket.jpg
The whole top half of this look is thrifted.
collage cat shirt.jpg
The thrifted piece in this look? This cat printed top

At first glance, with the swarm of racks and lack of color and style organization, thrifting  can seem very overwhelming.  I caught up with a student and asked about her approach to thrifting. Rachel made sure to give me some smart thrifting tips for making the most out of the experience, as she recommends “to check every section in the store, and not just the one that is specific to you. Because it IS a thrift store, things won’t always be in the right place.”

Ultimately to be successful, thrifting requires an open attitude to finding anything and everything. Best worded by Rachel, “be sure to think of the piece in the grand scheme of your wardrobe, and not just individually. Think about how you can best wear this piece, how it would go with the things you already have, or how it could serve as a staple in your closet!”



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