Color Me…

By Megan Ashdown

Autumn is a season of change, so it’s only fitting we change our hair color too. But, you don’t have to limit yourself to the fall palette. If you’re in a serious hair rut or you’re just looking for a drastic change, stray away from natural tones like the classic brunette and deep burgundy. Explore wild, unexpected colors. From what I’ve seen, any color in the rainbow is fair game.

Courtesy of @voguemagazine

As if dying your full head of hair isn’t loud enough, some people are starting to make their hair scream. A popular twist on the trend is pairing a warm color with dark roots. Go bold or go home, right?

Courtesy of @angelica.liera

If you’re worried about pulling off the look, try an ombré of your favorite color. I dyed the tips of my hair purple a couple years ago, so I can tell you from personal experience that even a little bit of color will make you feel like a total bada$$. I’ve really been diggin’ the gray platinum recently because it’s the perfect shade for the colder months. But remember, this trend is a new wave of colorful self-expression—pick a color that matches your own personality and aura.

Courtesy of @maureenwantono

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