Coming Soon: A “So Fetch” Eye Shadow Palette

By Kaylee Spahr

Raise your hand if you’ve been victimized for your undying love for Mean Girls. Well I have news for you, Storybook Cosmetics recently posted a very exciting teaser on their Instagram: a Mean Girls themed eye shadow palette. Although this palette seems to be very early on in the making, judging by the Instagram caption that states “Tentative idea,” this will definitely be a hit if it does hit the shelves of Ulta and Sephora anytime soon.

Courtesy of Flickr.

This palette will include eight unique colors all reflecting our favorite catch phrases from the movie such as “glen coco” and “you can’t sit with us.” There’s also what looks to be a beautiful pale pink in the works so on Wednesdays we can look “so fetch” all day long. But perhaps what makes this palette so iconic is it’s design to replicate the infamous “Burn Book”.

Courtesy of Storybook Cosmetic’s Instagram.

Storybook Cosmetics is also the Up and Coming brand behind the Harry Potter wand inspired makeup brushes. So if anyone can fulfill our dreams of looking like a “plastic” straight out of Regina George’s squad I have faith in them!