BOO! It’s Time for the Halloween Collection at Lush!

By Sarah Violet Jako

Ghosts and Fairies and Monsters, Oh My!

Lush is pretty much as good as it gets. Everyone loves a good bath bomb, and the most innovative and fun bath bombs tend to come from Lush. Not to mention they are cruelty-free, vegetarian, handmade and ethically bought. Although most of their products are on the higher end side for bath products, they make a great gift, especially to treat yourself with! Each season, they come out with new soapy goodies to celebrate and get you into the spirit. Do yourself a favor and prep for the scary season by popping a pumpkin or monster into the tub.

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 1.35.58 PM.png
Courtesy of Lush

The eye catchers tend to be the bath bombs. 

Courtesy of Lush

The Autumn Leaf bath bomb radiates yellows, oranges, greens and reds as is dissolves. This seems to be the most straightforward of the line. It has notes of sandalwood, bergamot, and neroli.

Courtesy of Lush

The Lord Of Misrule bomb is a green bomb with a deep wine colored center. As it dissolves, it turns the tub into a dark, mysterious color perfect for Halloween. There are notes of vanilla, patchouli, and black pepper for a spicier smell.

Courtesy of Lush

The Monster bath bomb is the most adorable; it looks like a purple Mike Wazowski with one big eye on the side. This dissolves into swirls of purple, pink, and blue and has a fruity scent of lime and neroli.

Courtesy of Lush

The Pumpkin bath bomb turns your bath into the perfect Halloween orange. With fall notes of cinnamon, vanilla and pimento, you will feel like a pumpkin spice latte.

Other items in the collection are:

  • The Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar. This bubble bar is perfect for a sparkle bubble bath with notes of juniper, lime and grapefruit..
  • The Lord Of Misrule shower cream. For when you want to use a slime green body wash, this is the companion to the Lord of Misrule bath bomb.
  • The Goth Fairy shimmer bar, which is a whimsical way to get your glow on at any time. This product smells like bergamot and grapefruit oils and has cupuacu butter to keep your skin scary soft.
  • Boo is a bath melt ghost. This adorable little guy will melt in the tub and hydrate your skin with cocoa butter and scents of ginger and citrus.

The two soaps of the collection are Fireside and Magicwand.

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 1.45.38 PM.png
Courtesy of Lush

Fireside is perfect for a warm clove scent to warm you up and Magicwand has coconut oil and charcoal to clean you up and keep you hydrated.

There are also several packages: The Little Monster and Pumpkin that include several items from the collection.