Layer UP Your Fall Favorites

By Madelyn Hopkins

Layers in the fall are a necessity. You take off for your first class in the cold morning air, only to leave that same class and realize that it’s now summer again. The confusion I face everyday walking in between classes is astonishing, and I’m sick and tired of the flip flop between shivering and sweating.

Layering is an easy solution to this dilemma. Whether you’re walking to class or going out for a night on the town, layers are always a good option because you can add or remove a piece depending on how you’re feeling. Jackets are the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of layering. I own about 4 or 5 jackets, and they’re all so versatile that I can wear each one with 100 different outfits! Leather or cargo jackets are a quick addition and make any look fit for the changing weather.

Courtesy of Erin O’Neil

A layering piece can be as simple as a green cargo jacket or as vibrant as the multi-color faux fur Tularosa jacket pictured below. These will keep you comfortable in the cold weather when walking around the city or going out for a night on the town!

Courtesy of Revolve Clothing

If you’re shooting for style rather than warmth, vests are your best friend. Sleeveless, they keep your core from getting too cold but won’t overheat you. Also, they come in handy if the sleeves of your top are fun and flowy, like bell or studded sleeves. In this case, vests add some warmth and style but allow you to still show off the shirt underneath! Vests give any outfit a more personalized feel for those days that a jacket is just too much.

Courtesy of Dylan

Wraps are another fun add-on piece that offer not only warmth, but also style. Wraps can be worn so many ways and come in all different patterns, sizes, and colors. Draped over your shoulders or worn as a scarf, they protect you from the cold and also add a sophisticated, unique edge.

Courtesy of Katy Weber

There are a million different ways to layer clothes. It comes with so much creative freedom, and you can utilize it to show off your inner style when the temperature starts to drop!

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