Cross your {Graphic} T’s

By Megan Ashdown

You know how everyone says “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Well, the same must be true for graphic tees. The t-shirts have a printed image, usually on the front, and it gives you a chance to make a clear statement about yourself without saying a single word. You can express your emotion, the band you like, or even the presidential candidate you support.

Courtesy of @nylonmag

A chill day calls for your favorite vintage graphic tee and a pair of denim shorts. Switch to pants and add a leather jacket if it’s cold outside. Tip: knot the front of the shirt to create a comfy crop top. Or, try tucking your graphic tee into a simple skirt to dress it up. You and I both know you won’t regret following the lead of the flawless Kendall Jenner…

Courtesy of @elleusa

The best part about the trend is that you can easily pair a graphic tee with some other fall favorites. Try layering with a patched denim jacket, accessorizing with a statement choker…or you could even wear a 2-in-1: a graphic tee with bell sleeves.

Courtesy of @gigihadid


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