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By Claire Vaughn

US Magazine

Yoga pants and headbands have been more popular than almost anything else in the last few years. They’re comfy and moveable, and not to mention cute! They’re perfect for the summer with flip flops and the fall with socks and boots. But, there are so many brands and styles. There are the shorter capri kind, the longer ankle style, a banded top, a line down the sides, mesh sections, neon colors, etc., etc. But, my personal favorite place to go to find workout gear is Kate Hudson’s Fabletics.

Life in Leggings

Fabletics is a company co-founded by Kate Hudson and launched October 1st, 2013. Since then, the company has created a wide variety of different workout gear suited for everyone, including their FL2 line for men. The co-founder Kate Hudson says, “with Fabletics, we want to create a community…a movement, to help you live fit and achieve your passions in life.”

UP Magazine Staff

The company is great because they have so many different collections. There are outfits that are already put together for you that can be ordered as a set, and even discounted if you sign up for a VIP membership. Also, you can create an outfit on your own and pair different items together! Another cool advantage is that if you do sign up for VIP membership, the more you buy, the more points you get. And the points can be used for little accessories like water bottles, socks, headbands, etc.

UP Magazine Staff

They have even started to open up actual stores in malls. For a while, it was exclusively online. Now, you can walk into a store and be able to use online credit and points right there in person. There is one located at the Kenwood Mall.

UP Magazine Staff

The amount of designs and colors they have is fantastic. There are fun, bright, and even sultry, sexy colors. There is honestly such a variety that is perfect for everyone! Their workout clothes are so comfy and motivating. They even carry other clothes, such as rompers and dresses for other occasions. Check it out and see what there is for you!

“Happiness is not something that just comes to you; it’s an active process. (It’s about) throwing perfection out the window.” -Kate Hudson

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