How to Prep Your House for Fall

By Allie Palm

Ahh… Finally that time of year where you can turn the AC off, crack open your windows, and enjoy the fall breeze. Oxford finally had its first couple days of chilly weather, which has every fall lover rejoicing. Unfortunately, there are many things to keep in mind when the leaves fall and temperatures drop. Here are some tips and tricks to start fall off on the right foot:

  1. Clean those gutters!! It’s a lot simpler then it seems. Students on campus don’t have to worry about this, and majority of students off campus don’t have to worry about this either, but those whose landlord does not perform regular maintenance o need to consider cleaning their gutters. Watch this video if you need some help figuring out what the #$%& to do! (Courtesy of YouTube)
  2. For those with fireplaces of chimneys, CLEAN THOSE OUT TOO!
  3. Check your heating system. This is a super easy one. This just basically means check to see whether the temperature outside is at a place where the AC or heat could be turned off. Again, very easy, and will save you money!
  4. Store AC units. This is optional, and may not even apply to everyone.
  5. Check your drafts. This is an important one because if there is a draft seeping into your home from either windows or doors it can be pricey and will take your house longer to heat on those colder days. Watch this video on how to check for a draft! (Courtesy of YouTube)

Those are just a couple of simple ways to prepare your house for fall! If interested in additional information on prepping your home, click here. (Courtesy of Readers Digest)