Only $10 for the Softest Hair Ever? Yes Please!

By Sarah Violet Jako

I can’t read the instructions; all I know is my hair is crazy soft.

Courtesy of UP Magazine

I love spa nights, and this week my roommate and I ended up having an accidental spa night. A friend had recommended a Japanese shampoo to us from the usually high end brand Shiseido. Shiseido is known in the U.S. for their wide array of skincare products, mostly carried in stores such as Sephora. I have tried Shiseido skincare products before, you know, the little samples. I had never tried any of their hair care, but after my roommate tried this shampoo she ran into the room saying how amazing her hair felt. I had to try it, as well.

I washed my hair with the “AQUAIR, Moist Hair Pack,” using both their shampoo and matching conditioner. The only English words on the entire bottle say “Moisture for damaged hair” and “Brings attractive beauty.” So, if using these hair products would automatically bring me “attractive beauty,” give it to me. It does that thing really good conditioners and shampoos do, the thing where you’re in the shower and you can actually feel your hair getting softer.

As both our hair dried, we both noticed a visible difference. My hair is thick with a wavy, curly, and straight texture all at the same time. My roommate’s hair is thinner than mine and is more on the straight side. Both of us had the same effects when using the shampoo. No detection of frizz at all! We continued to watch our hair dry and it felt insanely soft. Still going into the next day, our hair remained shiny, soft, and it got rid of split ends! We were amazed. Korea is known for great beauty products, and Shiseido is known for their high end makeup and skincare. This shampoo is only $10 for a refill pack on Amazon, and you can get both the shampoo and conditioner in the original bottles for $30. I would say it is worth so much more than the price tag. If you want a little kick of moisture in your hair, this is for you!      

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