It’s Fall Y’all

By Tyler Aberle

The leaves changing, hawaiians being traded in for flannels, and moving from your Birks to Bean boots, it’s officially here. It’s fall y’all. With things cooling down you are going to need some new things to get into on the weekends. You may be thinking, Tyler, how will I ever come up with activities that don’t include day drinking and getting your tan on? No worries: I got you.

Stay In: Treat yourself a little bit. Whether it’s killing the night in your house with some drinks and friends or catching up with a good ol’ Netflix binge, don’t fight the cold and force yourself uptown. Instead cozy up and have a chill night in.

Courtesy of geekandsundry


Run: I know it sounds dreadful, but, let’s be real, we all let the whole health and workout kicks slide when we are downing pumpkin pie. As fall comes in the temperatures drop, which gives you a perfect opportunity to go on a short run and not die from heat stroke.

Courtesy of xtri

Be Basic: Pains me saying this, but go grab some fall coffees. I refuse to say what my order might be *cough* pumpkin spice latte *cough*.  Sorry Dad, I have failed you as a son. If you’re really feeling it, carve some pumpkins, paint some pumpkins, and eat some pumpkin pie.

Courtesy of theodyssey

Cook: You know those Tasty videos that inundate your Facebook? Throw an apron on and get cookin’ like you are Rachael Ray. Make some good fall recipes to enjoy with some friends. Actually, you don’t have to have friends over, eat everything by yourself and regret none of it.

Courtesy of culture.evo