Skip the Line at Brick, Watch Some Flicks

By Nina Franco

Want a break from the same routine? Themed frat parties you actually dress up for and then show up and realize no one else has, waiting in line at Brick to pay a cover you don’t even have enough cash for, dancing till you reach the point of dehydration at “New”, and holding back the hair of that one friend who just can’t hang; I can speak to the fact that I’ve been there, I’ve done all that, but what I realized is that it’s all there waiting for you every weekend. So take a weekend off.  Enjoy a movie marathon with friends (or a box of Dominos) and don’t worry, all your favorite bars will be there when you return next weekend. Grab some fall goodies, caramel corn, candy, and apple cider, or maybe just Easy Mac and some filtered water from your Brita, and settle in to that squeaky dorm bed of yours or the firm couches in the common room, and startup Netflix

Friday Night

Start off strong with one of my favorites starring Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey, How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days. It will make you laugh and help you unwind from your long week as you watch two beautiful people tear each other down while, of course, falling in love.

Courtesy of Paramount Pictures


Okay you finished the first movie. Now you’re looking at your Instagram feed, maybe feeling like you should be dancing to Closer for the 100th time, but I’m going to stop you right there. Travel to south side Chicago instead, with Julia Stiles and Sean Patrick Thomas.In Save the Last Dance, you will learn some new hip hop moves to show off to the next person you meet on the dance floor. It is a more modern and urban take on one of my favorites, Dirty Dancing. Plus, Kerry Washington is in it so, there’s that.  

Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

 Still wide awake waiting for your friends to come home from their bender? A Cinderella Story has got you covered. It’s the perfect movie to fall asleep to because you’ve likely seen it about fifty times over and the final kiss scene where they play that one song you just love and can’t remember the name of (“Hear you Me” Jimmy Eat World, your welcome) will help you cry to sleep. Second reason to watch, Chad Michael Murray.

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Saturday Night

Time for a serious movie starring countless esteemed actors, including Sandra Bullock. Crash will get you thinking. It’s like Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Eve with multiple connecting storylines, but this plot doesn’t involve cheating husbands or Zac Efron riding Michelle Pfeiffer around on a bike. It will probably make you cry and realize that society is pretty messed up sometimes.

Courtesy of Lions Gate Films

You cried so now you need to laugh it off. By now you’re probably getting texts convincing you to come out. Well, ignore them and instead devote your attention to Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman in The Switch. Why? Because Aniston is a queen who graces us with her amazing talent every time she appears anywhere.

Courtesy of Miramax Films

You’re still up? Well this is annoying, now I need to think of another movie. No problem, The Rebound has got you covered. Catherine Zeta-Jones plays a cougar who gets with her nanny, perfect.

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 10.25.20 AM.png
Courtesy of  Wikimedia Commons

Sunday Night

Hurry and finish your homework,  time to end the weekend with a classic. Any 80s movie will do, Sixteen Candles (a personal favorite because Jake Ryan OBVI), Grease (because b*tchy Rizzo singing “Sandra Dee” is the best), Heathers (because two psycho teens planning to kill some mean girls is just really messed up), Can’t Buy Me Love (because young Patrick Dempsey plays a total nerd so, that’s new), or E.T. (because it’s Steven Spielberg’s gift to humanity, that’s why, and you know that theme song makes you want to ride your bike into the sky).

Courtesy of Buena Vista Films