And the Curse Is Over (Almost)

By Tori Levy

Dedicated Chicago Cubs fans have lived in agony and suffered for centuries (not decades) as they waited for the Cubs to win the World Series. The last time the Cubs won was 1908; 108 years ago and the longest in MLB history. Since the last time the Cubs won the World Series, women gained the right to vote, America fought through two world wars, and radio and television were invented.

The last time the Cubs reached the World Series was 1945, which makes it the first time in 71 years. However, even though since then America has gone through Marilyn Monroe, The Beatles, disco music, and Tupac, one thing has remained intact: the Cubs fans. Through the Billy Goat curse, fans never gave up on their team. Cubs fans never gave up on their “lovable losers.”

The phrase “Chicago may burn to the ground if the cubs win” is no longer just a far fetched idea but a reality. With one of the best lineups yet, the Cubs claiming victory looks promising. Rizzo, Bryant, Russell and Baez are not just all-star players, but charismatic guys who not only want the win for the title for themselves but for the fans.

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Now as the Cubs take on the World Series, emotional fans and players seek to clinch four games against the Indians, bringing long overdue rain to their heart-aching drought.

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