Graphically Impacted

By Adzaan M.


The dreary and cold fall and winter forecasts can make an impending day seem endless and lackluster. However, adding pieces that pack personality into your outfits can really help you exude a lighthearted and fun charm about yourself that helps elevate your mood. My go-to pieces for doing so would be printed sweaters—and I’m talking about prints that go beyond the standard polka dots and stripes! While these prints can seem intimidating to wear at first glance, you can pair them easily with other pieces that allow them to be appropriate for class.


This first look was all about the grey. Grey is one of those colors that, while great for conveying sophistication, can appear boring to clamors for color. To lessen the seriousness of the grey but still keeping within the color scheme, I added a sweater with varying typographics over a collared dress.



This next look is a creation from the combination of professional and casual pieces. The black pencil skirt becomes heavily casual with the addition of the denim shirt tied around the waist, as well as the giraffe printed sweater.



This last idea works great as a casual Friday outfit to end the week. The heavy emphasis of black in the majority of this outfit gives room for the this lipstick pattern to really pop.

As shown with these featured pieces, having fun prints in your closet goes to show that fashion is something that doesn’t have to be taken too seriously.


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