No Sleeves, No Problem

By Nellie Given

One of 2016’s biggest trends is working its way into winter, we’re talking off the shoulder tops people! We were blown away by Taylor Swift’s 2016 Grammy dress where she went above and beyond with strapless top. Since this debut, the trend has caught like wildfire and it does not seem like it is slowing down (hooray)!

Courtesy of Glamour Magazine

Now I know what you’re thinking, how can I show my beautiful shoulders to the world when the temperature refuses to climb above 5o degrees? Well honey I have some great news for you. Off the shoulder is sliding its way into SWEATERS! Yes that’s right, SWEATERS! Now you can look adorable with your hot chocolate and cable knit while displaying your sun-kissed shoulders. No sacrifices here people.

Courtesy of Express
Courtesy of Nordstrom

Such a fun way to suffer through the winter. No one will be expecting a little peep of skin when you shed your parka. Surprise them all while still being stylish and warm!

Courtesy of Pacsun

You won’t be getting the cold shoulder this winter with these trendy tops!