Victoria’s Secret and Stretch Marks?!

By Kaylee Spahr

Victoria’s Secret and stretch marks are two things I never thought would go together in one sentence. The Victoria’s Secret empire is just about the only fashion company left who hasn’t joined the body positive campaign in some way. Their model casts are rarely diverse when in comes to shape and size, leaving many frustrated with the famous lingerie brand. Victoria’s Secret recently came under even more fire when an anonymous retoucher came forward admitting to the company’s heavy use of Photoshop.

Courtesy of @victoriassecret

Slowly but surely, Victoria’s Secret might be changing their ways. While shooting Jasmine Tookes, this year’s $3 million fantasy bra honoree, the brand seemed to skip the retouching stage. A promotional photo for the notorious fashion show this winter was released where Jasmine’s stretch marks were clearly visible.

Courtesy of @victorasecret101

The brand has yet to make a comment on the photo but there’s no doubt this is a step in the right direction. Fans and critics  have expressed congratulations over social media to Jasmine for proudly showing off her stretch marks and encouraging a body positive image. Hopefully this positive response is the beginning to a more body-inclusive Victoria’s Secret empire.