Working with Liquid Latex

By Sarah Violet Jako

So with Halloween approaching and then passing by, I’ve been watching massive amounts of makeup tutorials looking for the perfect costume/look. Being a makeup artist for the fashion design program has exposed me to so many different beauty products and, to be honest, liquid latex and special effects makeup has been my favorite. img_7107Liquid latex is mostly used in body paint and special effects makeup and, of course, has latex in it, which people can be allergic to. The brand of liquid latex I have is Ben Nye and it’s an average stage makeup that isn’t too expensive. 

When using liquid latex make sure to start off with clean, makeup-free skin, otherwise your buildup won’t be as great and the latex won’t stick to the skin as well. You can either choose to build up more and more latex to create the look you want or choose to use tissue, paper towel, or cotton balls to give the latex a kinda gross peeling skin texture. The look I did using the latex was a Little Red Riding Hood look where the face is slashed from the wolves claws.

Decide where you want to have your claw marks and apply the liquid latex. As it’s setting, cut tissue strips and also cut a slit in the center in order to make it look like a claw mark.

img_7105Then, place the strips over your base layer of latex and apply more on top of the tissue. Make sure to separate the slit cut into the tissue so you can see your skin through in order to apply the face paint and fake blood. Once the liquid latex is dry, you can apply foundation, face paint, fake blood, etc. For my purposes, I took a dark red brown and darkened my “wounds,” as well as making the edges more “bloody” in order to mask the lines of the tissue and also give it more dimension.
Then, I took the fake blood and dripped it into the claw marks I just created; the more the better! I loved working with liquid latex and it’s way easier than it seems.  



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